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We develop unique compostable thermoplastic materials engineered for fashion application to present a new circular economy model which is accessible, functional, & limitless

At Balena, we set out to develop the first circular fashion product based on the biological circular model (BioCycling) rather than recycling. With that in mind, BioCir™ was born. BioCir™ is a soft and flexible thermoplastic formula designed specifically for use in the fashion industry, and most importantly, it’s 100% compostable.

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Design with the ability to control the end of use, decomposition and degradation of the material in a biological environment.

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We are balena.


Yael Joyce Vantu CPO

David Roubach CEO

Dr. Yanir Shaked CSO

As a team, we demonstrate a successful combination by joining together the expertise of plastic engineers, designers, and marketers to execute a circular dream.

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