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We are currently working and gathering the perfect flowers for your sandals

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 Our journey


Balena is the first compostable fashion brand. We are creating a new category in fashion and transforming the industry into more circular practices

Imagine a world where all of our fashion items are made from natural ingredients and can return back to nature as fertilizers to grow the next generation of materials - like that we can create a fully circular use.

צילום מסך 2020.03.11 ב.7.52.06.png
 Our compostable raincoat prototype 2.0.

Our journey to

compostable fashion 


In the past few months, we are searching for compostable materials from different industries in order to find relevant materials that could be implemented in the fashion industry. 

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Together with Israeli experts, we develop innovative materials that would enable us to create the first compostable fashion items.

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צילום מסך 2020.03.17 ב.20.18.41.png

We develop unique products so we could enjoy fashion, without compromising on our values, and when we are done with our garments - we'll just throw them to the compost bin without leaving any trace.

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We are currently working and gathering the perfect flowers for your sandals.

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